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Bring People Together
- the Power of Interaction

Since 2020
– open recurring workshop / game session –
join every 1st and 3rd Thursday, at 5pm UTC*

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By participating in this workshop series and being active in your area of interest, you can become a certified diversophy® Ambassador

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May 18th: "Populism" diversophy® game

The upsurge of populist movements in the last few years has triggered various pressing questions related to the roots, content, and objectives of populism and populist rhetoric. Our game on populism, identity, and political discourse is an attempt to dig deeper into the major contours of populist discourses and the social as well as the political identities they seek to propagate. It is thus important to enhance our understanding of the division that populist leaders seek to create between the “true” holders of the national identity and those seen as political, social, racial, and ethnic strangers. Through touching upon the different identity construction mechanisms that populist leaders employ, participants in this game will fathom the role of populism in defining the boundaries of belonging. They will be given the opportunity to explore the impact of this phenomenon on themselves and their social belongings.  

About the workshop series

diversophy® workshop series / game sessions are attended by participants from around the world. We explore specific cultures and topics, share our diverse experiences and cultural perceptions, and learn from each other - without judgment, with respect for everyone. The aim is to encourage mutual discovery and discussion, to know and understand each other better, and to get enriched by what we discover.

This game does not claim to be exhaustive or to promote a single truth about a given social group or specific culture. Within the same countries there are differences from one region or social group to another, and from generation to generation. It is up to you to explore further.

Feedback from participants

I was immediately captivated by this game, since my 1st session, not only because the cards were so beautifully designed that they inspired you to share, even if you had minimal experience and knowledge. But most importantly, I was fascinated by all these different (diverse ;) ) opinions and views and people, mixed together, sharing together, coming together.

Vicky Margari

It is indeed a great way to create a safe space for exchange and getting to know each other and learning more about oneself. It was a nice way to have everyone open up and share.

Nandita Rothermund-Bucher

I had my first diversophy® Zoom call last Thursday and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I've been looking at the games and am so impressed! I look forward to exploring this brilliant concept and way you have brought it to life in such a fun way!!

Alannah Sinclaire

This is an innovative way of learning and developing social skills. Besides, I want to highlight that diversophy could help to understand we are all global citizens and, therefore, to build respect and tolerance among all of us to make the world a better and peaceful place. I like that the games go deeper into the cultures, it does not stay on the superficial part about a culture. This is the best way to really get familiar with cultural values and behaviors. The game is a good way to practice English for non-native speakers.

Camila Vergara Salgado

Thank you so very much! These thoughtful games and the warm, international community make my life more interesting and enjoyable!

Rima Litke

I loved the game! It's such a fantastic way of engaging and getting to know other perspectives, especially in utterly diverse groups. Loving it!

Konstanze Halentz Barros

Playing "diversiDARE" (on one of the diversophy® game sessions) has encouraged me to feel okay with being vulnerable in stating an opinion. It has shown me how I can sometimes respond to certain words or ideas - as if from a script:  X has been said I must say Y! Instead of always following the wisdom: "Seek first to understand, then to be understood." Playing "diversiDARE" has made me curious about myself and what I believe and why and it has made me even more curious about others and what they believe and why and how to mind the gap.  Join us to experience it for yourself!

Annabelle Bee Baumann

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