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Bring People Together
- the Power of Interaction

Since 2020
– open recurring workshop / game session –
join every 1st and 3rd Thursday, at 5pm UTC*

*Check your timezone: WorldTimeBuddy

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By participating in this workshop series and being active in your area of interest, you can become a certified diversophy® Ambassador

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Netherlands diversophy® game (part 1)!

Embark on a unique gaming experience tailored for professionals working with Dutch colleagues, whether abroad or within the Netherlands. "Dutch Dynamics" offers an immersive journey into the intricacies of Dutch culture, values, and social behaviors essential for effective interaction and influence in both professional and social spheres.

As players delve into the game, they'll discover the diverse tapestry of Dutch society, characterized by its small size yet rich multiculturalism. From regional nuances to ethnic and social-cultural differences, participants will navigate through a series of challenges, learning important values, facts, and behaviors along the way.

Guided by expert insights and firsthand experiences, players will encounter scenarios reflecting real-life situations encountered in workplaces and social settings. They'll tackle dilemmas, decode cultural cues, and master the art of communication with Dutch counterparts.

But beware, for navigating Dutch dynamics requires more than just surface-level understanding. With each decision, players must grapple with the complexities of generalizations versus individual experiences, recognizing the nuances within the broader cultural context.

Whether you're a newcomer seeking to integrate seamlessly into Dutch society or a seasoned professional aiming to enhance collaboration, "Dutch Dynamics" offers an engaging platform to hone your cultural intelligence and thrive in the vibrant Dutch landscape. So, gear up and embark on this enlightening adventure to unlock the keys to successful interaction and influence in the Netherlands.

About the workshop series

diversophy® workshop series / game sessions are attended by participants from around the world. We explore specific cultures and topics, share our diverse experiences and cultural perceptions, and learn from each other - without judgment, with respect for everyone. The aim is to encourage mutual discovery and discussion, to know and understand each other better, and to get enriched by what we discover.

This game does not claim to be exhaustive or to promote a single truth about a given social group or specific culture. Within the same countries there are differences from one region or social group to another, and from generation to generation. It is up to you to explore further.

  • What is diversophy®?
    diversophy® is the powerful gaming tool that helps engage successfully with people of other backgrounds as well as understand the dynamics of our own culture. diversophy® brings people together, not only to learn about each other’s cultures, but to connect in a very human way. Players are enriched by each other’s stories, values, knowledge and skills. The us versus them mindset is replaced with mutual appreciation. ​ Since 1972 ​ What’s in the name? n. [L. diversus, pp. of divertere, to turn in different directions + Gr. sofia, skill intelligence, wisdom]. Wisdom or skill in dealing with people different from oneself, cultural competence. A game whose purpose is to develop this wisdom, skill, and intelligence in those who play it. ​ Read more: The story of diversophy® Why is diversophy® effective and what makes it different? What are they saying about diversophy®? Clients & Partners
  • How to play diversophy®?
    1. Instructons for facilitators: Download our FACILITATION GUIDE in the language of your choice with full instructions for preparation, play & debrief. Use the game for training or classroom group learning in groups of 3-8 people for f2f, and 3-5 for online game sessions. Several groups may play simultaneously with a single game package. Each learning game includes up to 280 game cards involving 5 different ways of learning. 2. Instructions for players: • The game has 5 main kinds of cards (Share, Risk, Choice, Smarts, Guide), and 2 additional. You will respond taking turns. When it’s your turn read it aloud to your group. • Choose the best answer if it is a CHOICE or SMARTS card. Then see the answer. Read it aloud to your group. • If it is a SHARE, RISK, GUIDE, APPRECIATION or QUESTION card, respond according to the instructions on the card. • Feel free to exchange your stories and ideas related to the topic of the question before moving on. • Note any unresolved questions or important comments in the chat for discussion in the debrief session after the game. • Appoint a scorekeeper in your team if you wish to play for points. You do not need to play for points - everyone who learns is a winer! 3. This 8 minute video gives you a quick overview on how to facilitate a face-to-face game session.
  • What are diversophy® games size, format, etc."
    There is available a large selection of diversophy® intercultural learning games for facilitators, trainers, business owners, team-members, teachers, social workers, individuals, and not only. The games are generally played in small groups with a decks of theme-centered cards. Participants take turns responding to 5 main kinds of challenges and questions found on the cards and discuss their reactions with each other. diversophy® games come in several formats as: — A full deck up to 280 cards focused on a specific culture, cultural topic or culturally relevant skills to be developed — A mini-deck, with a selection of 100 cards, more practical for fewer groups or smaller one-time learning events If you don’t see precisely what you need, contact us: — We create learning games to order and customize existing games and its formats on request to meet specific learning objectives. This most extensive intercultural learning game can be focused on your industry, core business and the needs and concerns of the participants. We will deliver a made-to-order training instrument for seminars, conventions, workshops in your preferred format for the conference room or online. — diversophy® games can also be created and provided pro bono to meet social challenges and offer community services
  • Who should use it?
    diversophy® was created for organizations, teams and individuals who wish to develop their global and local competence and create collaboration across boundaries. Below are examples of who shoud use it. Global Corporations Local & Virtual Team Large & Small businesses Consultants, Trainers & Teachers Public Agencies Executives & Line Managers Social Service Agencies Human Resources Professionals Universities, Colleges Language Teachers Professional Schools NGOs Law Enforcement & Military Volunteer groups, Peacekeepers Independent Consultants & Trainers Advertiser & Marketing Specialists Immigration Services Interculturalists & Diversity Specialists Providers of Intercultural Communication services, blogs, websites MOOCs International Development Specialists Healthcare Organizations
  • When will I receive the game I order?
    Each diversophy® game’s content is reviewed and updated regularly. To ensure that you receive the latest version, your order is not prepared until we receive it from you. You will receive an online version within 2 working days, and a printed copy within 20 working days.
  • How to join open virtual game sessions "Bring People Together - the Power of Interaction"?"
    Join HERE diversophy® workshop series / game sessions are attended by participants from around the world. We explore specific cultures and topics, share our diverse experiences and cultural perceptions, and learn from each other - without judgment, with respect for everyone. The aim is to encourage mutual discovery and discussion, to know and understand each other better, and to get enriched by what we discover. This game does not claim to be exhaustive or to promote a single truth about a given social group or specific culture. Within the same countries there are differences from one region or social group to another, and from generation to generation. It is up to you to explore further.
  • How to become diversophy® Ambasador / developer / translator / collaborator / intern?
    There are many possible ways to work together. 1. Become diversophy® Ambassador and benefit form organized and safe space in intercultural digital environment to share your cultural knowledge, perspective in topic related to your culture, filed expertise or interests. Connect with participants from all around the world who enrich the conversations with their diverse cultural experiences. 2. It is possible to become a co-developer with us and bring your work to a public that needs it. As such you benefit from our authorship agreement which includes royalties and discounted access to all our products. - Do you have an idea for a new diversophy® game, perhaps about a part of the world or a cultural group that is not yet represented in our collection? Perhaps you have a new game topic that addresses a current need? diversophy® collaborates with creative authors around the world who wish to use their expertise to design, produce and market in our game series. You don’t have to do it alone. Often partnering or teamwork provides the multiple perspectives on a topic that enrich its quality and effectiveness. - Customize one of the games depending of your needs. We are always ready to provide our games and assist you in customization of its content and format that you require. 3. Would you like to translate a game into your language? Currently there are diversophy® games available in over ten languages and translations under way for others. Perhaps you need a game but it’s not in the right language for your group or clientele. We are happy to collaborate with you in the editorial work around translation and you will share the royalties and purchase privileges of the original author(s). 4. Academic partnership? diversophy® has collaborated as a professional partner with university departments, professors and students on projects that develop or customize or update our games for various needs. We provide coaching and presentations online or in class with such groups both on the process of creation as well as facilitation skills. Need a stimulating, hands-on intercultural semester project for your group? diversophy® may be just the right size project for your students. 5. Internship? For over a quarter of a century, diversophy® has mentored interns in creative and business processes - they have come from over 20 different countries. No matter their age, they have joined us to learn more about intercultural work, as well as to pursue projects in the field that are important to them. 6. Pro bono projects? We are always ready to cooperate in projects of social importance using time-tested diversophy® tools and technology. You can find free games on our website as examples of our pro bono projects. 7. Can you think of another way to collaborate? Contact us!
  • Do you have another question that is not listed above? Contact us!
    Contact us by filling out the FORM. We will get back to you!

Feedback from participants

I was immediately captivated by this game, since my 1st session, not only because the cards were so beautifully designed that they inspired you to share, even if you had minimal experience and knowledge. But most importantly, I was fascinated by all these different (diverse ;) ) opinions and views and people, mixed together, sharing together, coming together.

Vicky Margari

It is indeed a great way to create a safe space for exchange and getting to know each other and learning more about oneself. It was a nice way to have everyone open up and share.

Nandita Rothermund-Bucher

I had my first diversophy® Zoom call last Thursday and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I've been looking at the games and am so impressed! I look forward to exploring this brilliant concept and way you have brought it to life in such a fun way!!

Alannah Sinclaire

This is an innovative way of learning and developing social skills. Besides, I want to highlight that diversophy could help to understand we are all global citizens and, therefore, to build respect and tolerance among all of us to make the world a better and peaceful place. I like that the games go deeper into the cultures, it does not stay on the superficial part about a culture. This is the best way to really get familiar with cultural values and behaviors. The game is a good way to practice English for non-native speakers.

Camila Vergara Salgado

Thank you so very much! These thoughtful games and the warm, international community make my life more interesting and enjoyable!

Rima Litke

I loved the game! It's such a fantastic way of engaging and getting to know other perspectives, especially in utterly diverse groups. Loving it!

Konstanze Halentz Barros

Playing "diversiDARE" (on one of the diversophy® game sessions) has encouraged me to feel okay with being vulnerable in stating an opinion. It has shown me how I can sometimes respond to certain words or ideas - as if from a script:  X has been said I must say Y! Instead of always following the wisdom: "Seek first to understand, then to be understood." Playing "diversiDARE" has made me curious about myself and what I believe and why and it has made me even more curious about others and what they believe and why and how to mind the gap.  Join us to experience it for yourself!

Annabelle Bee Baumann

Have you participated? We would love to hear your feedback!

How satisfied were you?How satisfied were you?
How relevant was it for you?How relevant was it for you?
What was the best part?
How likely are you to recommend it to others?How likely are you to recommend it to others?
Will you consider coming to the future workshops?

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