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Developed by Dr. George Simons,


Translated into several languages by: Iliana Docheva, Laura Kortelainen, Arvid John, Sina Timme, Laura Alfisi, Yuri Nikasa, Teresa Mroczek, Elizabeth Suderevskaya, Ksenia Otvarukhina


Please note that this is a deck of 430+ cards with the potential for multiple sessions as well as customization for individual sessions.

Cultural Competence (Digital)

99,99$ Regular Price
59,99$Sale Price

What are the basic understandings that contribute to cultural literacy and the attitudes and approaches needed to live and work with people of cultures other than one's own? This game will test you and help you explore the values and behaviors needed to meet this challenge. It will encourage you to organize and use the best of your knowledge and experience with intercultural matters for your own personal success as well as the success of the organization or team you work with.

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