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Developed by Dr. Cynthia Milani


NEUROdiversophy is an exciting new game to teach people from all walks of life the latest discoveries of neuroscience and cognitive research. We explore the impact and implications these discoveries have on leadership, decision-making and how to thrive in diverse cultures as each player learns effective new strategies. Social constructionist theory is telling us that we author the stories with which we hope to master and shape our worlds including our social structures.  But, how do genes play a role, or gender, and how does our individual neural wiring predispose us to make decisions, and take action? How do we alter our behavior to be more effective at work and at home? Draw a card and find out!



Dr. Cynthia Milani, Neuroanthropologist, Intercultural Trainer, Coach, Public Speaker, Author. Cynthia has had a long interest in neuroscience and the brain. As an anthropologist, she worked among African tribes practicing witchcraft and voodoo to understand the power of the mind - part of a project for the National Cancer Institute’s pioneering research on Biofeedback. She is now combining her expertise in leadership and cultural diversity training with the exciting new field of neuroanthropology.

Cynthia is director and founder of the Institute for Global Development (IgD), a consortium of highly experienced intercultural trainers and business leaders working across 50 countries to enhance international business skills and understanding of cultural differences. She is a neuroanthropologist with over thirty years of experience developing Global Competencies for multinational corporations throughout Europe, Asia, the Americas and the Middle East.

Cynthia is the developer and author of Neurodiversophy an exciting interactive game to educate people in the latest discoveries of neuroscience and cognitive research so users can explore the impact and implications these have on leadership, culture, identity and diversity. (December, 2019) She is also the author of Brand Italy: A Guide to the Italians (Olive Mill Press: 2009).

Cynthia received her B.A. from Columbia University, has a Master's Degree in Medical Anthropology and did post graduate work in Semiotics at Columbia University’s extension in Paris.  She received her certification in negotiations and conflict resolution from Harvard University Law School's Center for Conflict Resolution and upcoming Certification in Neuroscience from Harvard University.

Her clients include AGIP Petroleum, AT&T, AXA, The BBC (London), European Board of Education, BP/Amoco, Chinese National Petroleum Company (CNPC), Credit Suisse, DOW, ENI, The European Parliament, Fiat, Heineken EMEA, IBM, ING, KPMG, Pfizer, Procter & Gamble, Roche, Shell Oil, Saatchi & Saatchi, Saudi Aramco, SAP, Sun Microsystems, Texas Instruments, The United Nations, Unilever, Vodafone, Whirlpool, Israeli Foreign Ministry, to name but a few. She has provided executive coaching and training for individuals, companies, government officials and foreign ambassadors from over 50 countries.  Cynthia is a dual citizen of Italy and the U.S, and lives in France.

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