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Here you will learn about not only essential values of the Vietnamese cultures and the way business is conducted, but also become clear about the fundamental differences that set Viet Nam apart from other Asian cultures. A must for successful cooperation with the local and overseas Vietnamese colleagues in other countries.


  • Dr. Phuong-Mai Nguyen was born and raised in Viet Nam, where she started her career as a journalist, travelled extensively and has been published extensively both in Viet Nam and foreign countries. She obtained her PhD in intercultural communication from Utrecht University, The Netherlands. Phuong-Mai Nguyen currently teaches at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences where she is involved in a variety of research projects and training programs. Women in business – Viêt Nam and her dragon ladies by Phuong-Mai Nguyen, Senior Consultant 

  • Each diversophy® game’s content is reviewed and updated regularly. To ensure that you receive the latest version, your order is not prepared until we receive it from you. You will receive an online version within 2 working days and a printed copy within 20 working days.

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