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Decolonization is not achieved simply through the efforts that bring about national and political independence for colonized peoples, though it is important to understand the dynamics needed to bring this about.


Though the struggle for freedom is often costly, bloody, and of long duration, it is not the end of the story. Even when independent status is achieved, it is only beginning. The impact of colonial rule, the exploitation of the population, the ecology, and the resources remain to be dealt with. Equally important is

the impact left behind, not just in the minds, hearts, and sufferings of the colonized peoples, but also in the habitual mentality, attitudes, and behaviors of the colonizers and their descendants, and how each of these see the other because of the colonial experience.


This game has been created to create awareness and understanding of these dynamics at all three levels. It will suggest and discuss correctives and remedies that will help colonized and colonizers to see each other with a sense of equity and act to identify and repair long-standing damage to the peoples and regions that have often suffered many

decades of exploitation. It will also raise issues related to contemporary international activities of material and virtual exploitation.

Decolonization diversophy®

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