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Who we are.jpg

We are...

A network of collaborators from around the world, who want to make a difference - to spread cultural awareness, and bring people together.

We contribute using the resources we have: expertise, experience, enthusiasm.

Meet our team!

Our team is a collective of dedicated professionals driven by a shared passion for excellence. Comprised of diverse talents and expertise, we come together to innovate, collaborate, and deliver outstanding results. With a commitment to integrity and collaboration, each member brings unique skills and perspectives, creating a dynamic synergy that propels us towards our goals. Meet the faces behind our success and discover the individuals who make our team exceptional.

Meet our current interns!

Our current interns bring fresh perspectives, boundless enthusiasm, and a hunger for learning to our team. As they embark on their journey with us, they contribute innovative ideas, embrace challenges, and make meaningful contributions to our projects. With diverse backgrounds and a shared passion for growth, our interns are an integral part of our dynamic team, shaping the future of our organization. Get to know these emerging talents and witness their potential firsthand.

Our past interns!

For over a quarter of a century, diversophy® has mentored interns in creative and business processes - they have come from over 20 different countries. No matter their age, they have joined us to learn more about intercultural work, as well as to pursue projects in the field that are important to them.

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