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Vive la France! France is a great place to visit, a magnificent culture to enjoy, no visit complete without a stroll down the Champs Elysees and a visit to the Louvre. Who can argue with the wines and cuisine of Burgandy and Bordeaux? It was once said that you couldn’t sit at the Café de la Paix in Paris for more than ten minutes without meeting someone you know. Expolre this proud culture, its DOs and DON'Ts.




Alle, die mit Franzosen im Ausland oder innerhalb Frankreichs arbeiten, werden wichtige Werte, Fakten und Verhaltensweisen kennen lernen, um beruflich und privat erfolgreich interagieren und Einfluss nehmen zu können.




    Gilles Asselin, president of SoCoCo Intercultural, specializes in cross-cultural management and training, especially between Western Europe and North America. With Ruth Mastron, he is the author of Au Contraire: Figuring out the French, now in its second edition.


    Gilles Asselin, Geschäftsführer von SoCoCo Intercultural, Gilles Asselin spezialisiert in Interkulturelles Management und Bildungsprogrammen, besonders zwischen Westeuropa and Nord Amerika. Mit Ruth Mastron, hat er Au Contraire: Figuring out the French geschrieben.




    Kadria Mattner’s professional background is law. She worked for the Bavarian ministry of financial affairs and for the Protestant church in Bavaria. In October 2000, Completing a master’s program in mediation she turned her focus on conflict management helping people get actively involved in building satisfactory and workable solutions to their problems instead of being only the recipients of someone else‘s decision on their affairs. Her interest in conflict management and communication naturally led to exploring the cultural dimensions of conflict and the intercultural field.

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