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Become a Certified
diversophy® Ambassador
and build your CV

We invite you to be part of the intercultural adventure

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We are a network of collaborators from around the world, who want to make a difference - to spread cultural awareness, and bring people together. We contribute using the resources we have: expertise, experience, enthusiasm.

Join us and become a Certified diversophy® Ambassador, and advocate for your field of expertise or interest. It is easy and not time-consuming. We can provide you with the tools, support, and safe space to enrich and share your cultural experiences, knowledge, and perspectives.

About the project

Knowing and reflecting on your own culture as well as on the cultures of others are precious skills. Why not share with and enrich others the beauty and uniqueness of your own region, society, and their cultural identities? Why not express the enthusiasm and energy that you feel with your field of expertise or interest? Why not be enriched by the stories and cultural assets that others have to share, as we build our world together?

To deepen and enjoy experiential deep learning by immersing yourself in the intercultural, international, and trans-disciplinary environments, we offer you the opportunity and challenge of becoming a Certified diversophy® Ambassador in your country, region, cultural group, field of expertise, or interest.

As a Certified diversophy® Ambassador you will make your involvement matter by:

  • Being a proactive part of a respectful and inclusive multicultural community.

  • Learning to create valuable interpersonal connections across cultures and becoming empowered to build your interest specific diversophy® community.

Intercultural communication and cultural competence stand out as important elements of your CV, as well as serve your professional and everyday life. These competencies cannot be gained automatically, rather they are holistic, lifelong learning processes, which develop your flexibility, adaptability, and openness. Time and personal involvement are required to fill information voids, unlearn biases and learn to be effective, “appropriate”, respected, and respectful in a diverse environment. This involves acquiring and practicing fresh insights, attitudes, skills, knowledge, self-reflection, and mindfulness. You will bring these to life by experiential learning and linguistic practice in the environment generated by diversophy®. You no longer need to travel physically abroad to develop and enjoy true intercultural and international experience.

If you want to become a Certified diversophy® Ambassador or if you have questions, contact us and we will get back to you.


An invitation to join the open recurring workshop / game session
Bring People Together - the Power of Interaction

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