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Working with Argentines from abroad or doing business within Argentina, you will learn important values, facts and behaviors needed for successfully interacting with and influencing Argentine colleagues both in the workplace and in social life.


  • Lisa Robinson has helped individuals improve their interactions with people from different cultural backgrounds through building a greater understanding of the role that culture plays in interpersonal communication. In Buenos Aires, Lisa helped executives understand intercultural interactions with colleagues from overseas and trained individuals to work and live abroad. Previously, she was employed by CIEE in New York City to orient professionals recently arrived to the US and to liaise with their employers to facilitate the adaptation process. She has an MSc from The London School of Economics and Political Science and an MA from The Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Southern California, both in Global Media and Communications. Lisa is currently working on media projects for social change and development. With Marcelo Priotti and Ruby Simms, she is a developer of the Cultural Detective Argentina®.

    Marcelo Priotti is an enthusiastic cross-cultural business and life coach and trainer from Argentina; and for over 25 years has participated in a variety of projects and delivered training sessions in Spanish, Portuguese, and English both in virtual and face-to-face modes for 16,000+ global leaders whether being senior executives, middle managers, and high potential leaders, located in 50+ countries. Marcelo enjoys helping teams, groups and individuals develop the awareness and competencies needed to conduct businesses effectively and inclusively across cultures. He is also experienced in a ssisting expatriates and their families thrive through their relocation stages more seamlessly. Topics of focus include managing remotely, leading across cultures, unconscious bias, global leadership, working in virtual teams, leading company culture, coac hing skills, presentation skills, problem solving & decision making, communication skills, managing conflict, storytelling, change management and other personal and team effectiveness subjects..

    Ruby Simms is an expatriate and has been living in Argentina since 1968. She has been a US country specialist for cross-cultural trainings since 1996 and an EFL instructor since 1975. Currently Ruby is an overseas educational adviser at a Bi-National Center in Rosario. Her office is auspicated by the U.S. Department of State Education USA advising network.

  • Each diversophy® game’s content is reviewed and updated regularly. To ensure that you receive the latest version, your order is not prepared until we receive it from you. You will receive an online version within 2 working days and a printed copy within 20 working days.

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