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This game addresses the critical issues of CASTE and RACE that we as men are urged to SHUN, stripping us of our potency to address the social ills and biased systems that threaten our well-being as men as well as the future of humanity on the planet at every level. This game’s content and dynamics unfetter the male prowess to address the stunting cultural beliefs of what it means to be a man in today’s world. How? By manning-up to challenge the toxic steroids of male metanarratives that shape no-exit caste systems where the large majority of men are disposable, while women are duped into envying this privilege. These seductive fables colonize us with gender and racial neurosynapses that we can change. It’s time to reactivate the testosterone to inseminate our minds to birth new and better stories to live by. This game will show us how to stand erect again and find useful, collaborative know-how!

Masculinity Detox

  • Dr. George Simons, creator & general editor of  diversophy®, He was a co-founder of the Hidden Valley Center for Men & is co-author of Men & Women: Partners at Work, Sexual Orientation in the Workplace & Cultural Detective: Women & Men. A seminar leader for men on several continents, he authored "Bellicose Veins" an online series of articles at, opposing the themes of warfare, violence & male disposability rife in  our socially constructed metanarrative. diversophy® is strongly involved in the conversation about how and why men’s roles are changing and need to change in modern life. Every week, The Good Men Project website under hashtag #ManhoodGame, has published numerous diversophy® Manhood cards, using them as valuable prompts for discussion and comment, and challenging confining cultural notions of what a “real man” must be.  See all the published cards HERE > 

  • Each diversophy® game’s content is reviewed and updated regularly. To ensure that you receive the latest version, your order is not prepared until we receive it from you. You will receive an online version within 2 working days and a printed copy within 20 working days.

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