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Elderwise Guys is a game to set you thinking, talking and sharing stories about the challenges and opportunities of aging as a man. Invite your chums to join you for an enjoyable session, exploring and exchanging your experiences and expectations of ripening years. Following on our successful Manhood diversophy® games, this mini-game focuses on the male journey into advancing years. In an age of resistance to toxic masculinity, here is a toast to intoxication with our possibilities.

Elderwise Guys


Dr. George Simons, consultant, interculturalist and trainer, is an octogenarian who feels enriched by the past, at home in the present and curious about the future. Together with his best buddy, Walt Hopkins, he is an author of Seven Ways to Lighten Your Life Before You Kick the Bucket, a guide to kicking out what brings you down and picking up the things that make you happy in the fullness of years. His books of poetry and other digitized writings are available as free downloads. Contact us. He invites you to be fully who you are and to enjoy your togetherness with those who share your days.

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