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Those working with Israelis from abroad or within Israel will learn important values, facts and behaviors needed for successfully interacting with and influencing their Israeli colleagues both in the workplace and in social life.




Aquellos que trabajan con Israelíes, desde fuera o dentro de Israel, aprenderán importantes valores, hechos, y comportamientos necesarios para comunicarse con éxito y poder influenciar a sus colegas israelíes, tanto en el entorno profesional, como en la vida social.



    Marion Burgheimer, an intercultural trainer and a certified group facilitator with an MA in Political Science from Tel Aviv University. Her focus is on the influence of culture on business processes and results. Marion has substantial experience in leading and facilitating workshops for Israelis and non-Israelis in different companies, social organizations and museums, in Hebrew, French and English. She worked in an Israeli company that was acquired and merged with an American company, where she was exposed to the intercultural implication of this merger. Marion grew up in a multi-linguistic house, where six languages were spoken often, and this stimulated her awareness from early childhood, to the relationship between language and culture. You are welcome to visit her blog.

    Lior Mencher, an organizational consultant and a personal and group facilitator who specializes in personal development and soft skills, with an MA in Anthropology and Sociology from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, in Israel. Lior is an expert in introducing and combining games into training and learning processes, and manages an internet forum in that field. Lior is a project leader in economic, physical and social planning, CEO of narional association "Social Guard". Lior is a parent of a girl and a cat. Lior lives in Tel Aviv.


    Inés J. Llorente, licenciada en Ciencias Políticas y Administración Pública por la Universidad Complutense de Madrid, y especializada en Relaciones Internacionales en SciencesPo Paris. Inés posee una extensa experiencia en entornos multiculturales procedente de su trabajo en multinacionales tales como EDF Energy, American Express y Repsol, así como de su propia experiencia de vida en países como España, Inglaterra, Francia, Italia y Estados Unidos.  Entre sus áreas de interés, se encuentra la cooperación internacional y el desarrollo, la teoría política, la antropología social, la inteligencia cultural, los idiomas y vivir en el extranjero.

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