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Peru is more than Machu Picchu! While Inca ruins continue to be a main attraction for visitors from around the world, there is much more to discover. Geographically Peru ranges from Pacific coast to desert, to the up to 6000m high Andes mountains and to the rainforest with its huge biodiversity. Peru’s more than 5,000 years rich history with its highly developed pre-Inca cultures can be observed not only in many archaeological sites but also in everyday life. The variety of languages and cultures reflects the richness and diversity of this country to this day. Peruvians are very proud of their country, its rich culture, diversity and particularly their Peruvian food. In addition, they tend to be ambitious about improving the country’s economic and political system. The diversophy® Peru game will enable, you to explore the uniqueness of this fascinating country, reflect on similarities and differences to your own background and offer valuable insights on how to manage business as well as personal life. Peru is a wonderful place on earth and many people fall in love with the country so deeply that they return again and again. Therefore, be careful–it may seduce you as well!



Hannah Lambeck is a people enthusiast, driven by curiosity and fascinated by otherness. As an intercultural trainer and coach, she supports companies, teams and individuals to move out of their comfort zone and recognize diversity as an asset. Her passion and interest in exploring differences and engaging with people from around the globe has taken her to a variety of places - one of them being Peru. Hannah fell in love with the country, the culture, its food and people and lived in Peru for several years. She continues to visit Peru for work and leisure regularly and enjoys sharing her love about this unique country in her intercultural work. After living in the US, The Netherlands, Canada and Peru she is currently based in Cologne, Germany. Hannah is currently President of Young SIETAR.



Holger Ehrsam is speaker, TV expert, author of numerous books. He is a maven for business startups in Peru and Germany as well as for intercultural and agile project management. His wife is Peruvian, and he lives in both Peru and Germany, so he has been building bridges to Peru for more than 20 years. With his knowledge, he supports German-Peruvian startups as a mentor, accompanies Peruvian companies that want to enter the German Market and advises executives of German companies in Peru. For this work he has developed seminars, coaching and an intercultural training program for executives in Peru. Holger manages to combine practical content with inspiring elements in an informative, empathetic and unique way. With his charming, energetic lecture style and with impressive examples, Holger excels at making even complex contexts simple and clear.

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