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Did you know that Spain means “Land of the rabbits?” That is what Carthaginians called it. Then the Romans, Greeks, Celts, Phoenicians and lastly the Visigoths conquered the land. They were defeated when the Arabs came to stay for eight hundred years. It was in 1492 that the Catholic King and Queen dethroned King Abu Abdullah. History has given Spain a multicultural character. It has had the most recent dictatorship in Europe with democratic elections returning in the year 1976. Despite all this, Spain has been trying hard to catch up in economic and social issues in concert with its European neighbors. Currently Spain is more than ever a diverse country where people want to enjoy and learn from the experience of diversity. What about you? Would you like to know a bit more about the inhabitants of the land of the rabbits? Go ahead!




Aquellos que trabajan con españoles, tanto dentro como fuera de España, van a aprender sobre los valores fundamentales, los rasgos culturales más importantes, y sobre los comportamientos necesarios para colaborar y trabajar con éxito con los españoles e integrarse con ellos en sociedad.


  • Dr. Assumpta Aneas, a specialist in the assessment of intercultural competences for training of Human Resources Development. Much of her work involves the integration of immigrants into the workplace, for which she recently spent time in El Salvador. Dr. Aneas is a member of the Department of Dignostic and Educational Research Methods of the Pedagogy Faculty of the University of

    Inés J. Llorente, who holds a B.A. in Political Science from the Complutense University of Madrid, and is specialized in International Relations by SciencesPo Paris. Inés has an extensive experience in multicultural environments, such as EDF Energy, American Express and Repsol, as well as from her own life experience in countries like Spain, England, France, Italy and the United States. Some of her interest areas are international cooperation and development, political theory, social anthropology, cultural intelligence, foreign languages and to live abroad.

  • Each diversophy® game’s content is reviewed and updated regularly. To ensure that you receive the latest version, your order is not prepared until we receive it from you. You will receive an online version within 2 working days and a printed copy within 20 working days.

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