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What is diversophy®

The gamified safe space created by diversophy® connects people through sharing their cultural stories and experiences. 


diversophy games have been developed by over 200 individuals and groups worldwide and are being made available in multiple languages. Some games result from university study and research projects, while others have been developed by public and private organizations, intercultural professionals, and project teams for addressing regional cultural and social challenges faced by communities and organizations. 


The diversophy game design engages participants in five kinds of discussion topics: guidance from and diverse cultural wisdom and insights; improving cross-cultural thinking and behavioral choices; reacting to risks in unfamiliar environments; sharing of one’s own cultural stories and experiences in relationship to those of other groups; and digestion of relevant historical and environmental facts about cultures and cultural issues.

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Since 1972

What does diversophy® mean?

It is from the Latin divertere, to turn in different directions + from the Greek sofia, skill, intelligence, wisdom.

  1. Wisdom or skill in connecting and dealing with people different from oneself, cultural competence.

  2. A game whose purpose is to develop this wisdom, skill, and intelligence in those who play it.

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